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Scent Obsession Co, LLC. is a home based luxury candle company in Indianapolis. I began Scent Obsession because of my love for candles, but distain for the lack of variety at most of the big name retailers. I always either knew what candle I wanted and it didn't exist, or the new scents were starting to smell like everything else they already had.
My vision began in my 750sq ft. rental property I shared with my now husband, and was amplified during the pandemic. Seeing other people live out their dreams due to the lack of financial security they faced, made me want to follow my passion even further. 
I named my company Scent Obsession because of my love for smells. Certain aromas make me experience different moods, and I hope I can create that feeling for you as well! I hope that you fall in love with each product you purchase, and forever become a part of the family. ( I don't plan on selling just candles and wax melts though, we like to switch it up a lil bit; change is good)

Sincerely, Hope Zeffel, CEO. 

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